Protect yourself against fire damage to your home with fire dwelling insurance.

We offer Fire dwelling insurance to protect all listed dwellings on your property such as your house, garage, sheds or other structures, from certain types of damage. Losses covered by fire dwelling insurance typically include fire, collapse, explosion, hail, lightning strike, smoke, vandalism, and wind damage. One advantage of fire dwelling insurance is that it fully covers properties that are rented.

If you own a home and rent it out, you may find that many homeowners’ insurance policies will not cover damage to a home that the insurance policy holder is not living in.
If damage were to occur to your home due to one of the previously listed causes and you were left unable to rent it, your fire dwelling insurance may provide you with a year’s worth of rental value. This would prevent you from losing essential income. Since the insurance policy may offer you twelve months worth of rental income, you are left with plenty of time to rebuild or mend your home from the damage and get it back up to par and ready to be rented again. If dwelling fire insurance sounds like the best choice for you, call one of our helpful agents today to get a free quote.

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