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Protect your investment with quality homeowners insurance. Payton Insurance Agency offers affordable California homeowners insurance to safeguard your investment and family. We have helped over 25 thousand homeowners save money and protect their properties. We provide you with Home Insurance for all types of homes and properties. Whether it be your main home, second home, condo, or vacation house we have an insurance plan that fits your needs and budget.

We can find California insurance for your house, condo, cabin, or loft. Contact us today for an fast quote. Our staff is dedicated to providing professional, courteous, and fast service for your California homeowners insurance needs. Get instant quotes and friendly service today.

We'll help guide you through all the discounts available for the lowest possible premium rates. When you need us we'll be there.

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Cheap homeowners insurance in California doesn't really exist, it is one of the most expensive things we pay for, in the hope that we never have to  use it. You may not be able to find cheap California Homeowners insurance, but you can find affordable, and you make it more affordable by following a few simple steps;

  • Raise your deductible

Raising your deductible means that you are willing to pay more if something happens. Raising your deductible can save up to 20% of your monthly homeowners insurance premium. Just be prepared to shell out IF you do need to use your insurance policy.

  • Install Security

Call your Mercury Home Insurance agent to see if your plan offers a reduced rate for installing a security alarm.

  • Install Safety Features

If you have an older property you may not have built in smoke or CO2 sensors. Check with your provider to see if they will provide a discount if you install them. The cost of installation may be offset by the discount offered.

  • Review your Riders

Sit down with your CA Mercury Homeowners Insurance agent and go over each of the riders on your policy. Things change and you may not need to carry the same riders any more. If you have sold off your jewelry or downgraded your electronics, then that may be a rider you can remove or maybe you are just willing to replace them out-of-pocket if something does happen to them.

  • Ask for Discounts

If you don't ask, you may never know they were there. A lot of Insurance companies offer discounts for multiple policies, seniors, non-smokers, or even discounts because you've been claim-free. It never hurts to ask, you may even find that your company has a deal with the Insurance provider.

  • Home Improvements

Some basic improvements, such as putting on a stronger roof or installing sump pumps could also get you a discount in some areas. A lot of it would depend if your area is prone to disasters.

When looking for providers for insurance in California check out Payton Insurance, we will help you find the best rate for your area. We are the best source for Mercury Auto Insurance in California and rated #1 for home and auto insurance in Los Angeles and Ventura County. We help you find great rates from some of the best insurance providers in the business. Contact us for a quote today, at 1-800-793-4561.

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